Event Boost

Not selling tickets? Give your event a boost by targeting poeple who are likely to attend your event. An event boost will significantly increase its visibility, leading to more people learning about the event and potentially attending. It appears more professional and reputable with greater engagement.

Type of Event

Suitable for all types of events.

Featured Events

Top postion on all region and calendar pages.

Unlimited Images

Add as many images as you desire to an event to paint a complete picture.

Event Description

Add an unlimited amount of words.

Unlimited Categories

Events are grouped by category and colour.

Unlimited Tags

Increase visibility with inclusion on high ranking pages like 'What's On At Easter, Christmas Events etc'.

Event Planners

Featured Banner

Identifying banner to draw attention to the event.

High Traffic Pages

Significant benefits to increase exposure, drive website traffic, improve search engine rankings, build credibility and authority from that pages.

Landing Page

Our clear call to action encourages visitors to navigate to the highlighted event to find more information.

Unlimited Tags

Increase visibility with inclusion into special event pages like 'What's On At Easter'.

Ticket Sales

Directly link to a ticket platform or expand your ticket sales with an embedded checkout (Eventbrite, PayPal, Stripe, Shopify).

Filter Inclusion

Increase visibility with added inclusion into the filter section on the main calendar.

SEO Optimisation & Fast Google Submission

We optimise the content to improve online visibility and manually submit to Google.

Event Countdown

Display a real-time countdown timer for events to increase demand and drive audience attention.

Engage The Community

Event Happening Now

Shows a real-time live events calendar view.

Social Shares

Users can share over Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp & Email.

Add To Users Calendar

Users can easily add events to their Google Calendar and iCal.

Google Search Listing

Spread awareness of your event through Google Search and Google Maps.

Simple Pricing

For a great user experience, we do not flood the search results page with featured events. So we add monthly on a first come first serve basis and display in date order.

£20 Per Week