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Berkeley Castle

Berkeley Castle is a historic and impressive fortress located in Gloucestershire. With a history spanning over 900 years, it stands as one of the most remarkable examples of medieval architecture in the country. Situated on a gentle slope overlooking the River Severn, Berkeley Castle is steeped in rich history and has been witness to countless events that have shaped England’s past.

The castle’s origins can be traced back to the late 11th century when it was founded by William FitzOsbern shortly after the Norman Conquest of England. The FitzOsbern family played a crucial role in the early development of Berkeley Castle, and their legacy can still be seen in some parts of the structure.

The most famous event associated with Berkeley Castle is the murder of King Edward II in 1327. Edward II, who was unpopular and faced political unrest, was imprisoned at Berkeley Castle after being overthrown by his wife, Queen Isabella, and her lover, Roger Mortimer. The circumstances of Edward II’s death remain a subject of historical debate, with some accounts suggesting that he was murdered in a brutal and grisly manner.

Over the centuries, Berkeley Castle underwent several modifications and expansions, reflecting the changing architectural styles and the needs of its inhabitants. The castle features a mix of architectural elements, including Norman, Gothic, and Renaissance styles, making it a fascinating example of architectural evolution.

One of the highlights of Berkeley Castle is the magnificent Great Hall, which dates back to the 12th century. The Great Hall boasts an impressive hammerbeam roof adorned with intricate carvings, creating a grand and elegant space for feasts and gatherings.

The castle is also known for its beautiful gardens and grounds, offering visitors a picturesque setting to explore. The castle grounds are meticulously maintained, with well-manicured lawns, vibrant flowerbeds, and scenic views of the surrounding countryside.

Berkeley Castle remains privately owned and is still the residence of the Berkeley family, who have inhabited the castle for generations. Despite its private status, the castle is open to the public, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience the history and grandeur of this magnificent medieval stronghold.


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