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Jane’s Pantry

Jane’s Bakery has 10 stores across Gloucester and 1 in Cheltenham. Our new shop at Kingswalk gives our customers a modern retail space which is mixed with a rustic/industrial look. Alongside our brand new kitchen we have an innovative menu with a range of fresh meals produced with local ingredients.

The first Jane’s Pantry shop was opened as a sandwich bar in St Aldates Street, Gloucester during 1971, by Tony and Barbara Phillips, who named the shop and subsequent business after their youngest daughter. The company is still very much a family run firm, with Neville Morse controlling day to day operations. Jane’s Pantry has become a major city employer and is now responsible for more than 100 people from its Tuffley, Gloucester Headquarters.

Over the years, the tradition of high standards and the use of the finest quality ingredients has never changed. Indeed, all unsold yeast products are returned daily which ensures that it is impossible for any goods to be sold which are not baked fresh each day.

The major change to Jane’s Pantry over the years has been investment in state of the art machinery which means we remain competitive with the highest standard of product. Whilst we are totally committed to value for money, we are not interested in producing a product solely for profit. Whether it be a bakery product or a filled roll, they are always freshly produced each day.

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Gloucester GL1 1RX 54 Kingswalk, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, GL1 1RX, UK
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OPENING TIMES: Monday - Saturday: 8.30am - 3.30pm

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