The Subscription Rooms

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The Subscription Rooms

The Subscription Rooms stand as a historical and cultural landmark. This elegant Georgian building has played a vital role in the town’s cultural and social life for over two centuries, serving as a gathering place for a variety of artistic, social, and community events.

Built in 1833, during a period when subscription-based cultural spaces were becoming increasingly popular. The purpose of such rooms was to provide a venue for various events, from concerts and lectures to dances and social gatherings. The architecture of the Sub Rooms reflects the Georgian style, with its symmetrical facade, classical columns, and grand entranceway.

The Subscription Rooms go beyond being just a venue for entertainment and art. The building has played a role in fostering community engagement by hosting events that bring people together. From charity fundraisers to local markets and fairs, the rooms have acted as a hub where residents can connect, socialize, and support various causes.

Central Bar Kitchen is a vibrant & lively space serving coffee, lunch, brunch & Snacks. Keep your eyes peeled for late-night pop-ups, open mic nights, open deck nights & cocktail evenings.

Over the years, the Subscription Rooms have undergone renovations and updates to accommodate changing needs while preserving their historic charm. Modern amenities and facilities have been integrated to enhance the visitor experience while maintaining the building’s character. This delicate balance between preserving history and embracing modernity has contributed to the longevity of the Subscription Rooms.


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