August, 2024

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Down On The Farm Festival

Nestled in the picturesque countryside of Herefordshire, Gwatkins Cider Farm has long been celebrated for its rich apple orchards and artisanal cider production. However, it’s not just the apples and cider that draw people to this tranquil haven; it’s also the annual “Down On The Farm Festival” that has become a cherished tradition for locals and visitors alike.

The festival has become a celebration of nature and its bountiful offerings. Surrounded by the lush greenery, festival-goers can reconnect with the earth and appreciate the beauty of the Herefordshire countryside.

Music is at the core of the festival’s identity. The lineup always features an eclectic mix of artists, spanning various genres such as folk, blues, indie rock, and more. This diverse musical tapestry ensures there’s something for everyone, fostering a sense of unity among festival attendees. The melodious tunes resonate through the orchards, creating a unique and harmonious atmosphere.

While the music sets the festival’s rhythm, the local culinary scene takes centre stage when it comes to flavours. From food trucks offering Herefordshire’s finest culinary delights to Gwatkins’ very own cider bar showcasing their acclaimed ciders, the festival is a foodie’s paradise. The taste of locally sourced produce and the refreshing cider harmonise perfectly, adding to the festival’s immersive experience.

Join families, friends, and strangers gathering on the farm’s open fields, sharing picnic blankets, stories, and laughter. The festival’s inclusive atmosphere welcomes people from all walks of life, making it a unifying event that transcends boundaries.


9th August 2024 - 11th August 2024 (All Day)

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