September, 2023

Rod Stevens16sep8:00 pm11:00 pm8:00 pm - 11:00 pm Left Bank, Bridge Street, Hereford, Herefordshire, HR4 9DG, UKComedy


Rod Stevens

Welcome to the amazing world of Rod Stevens possibly the UK’s number one Comedy Stage Hypnotist. Rod Stevens Hypnotic shows are hilarious and Rod’s trance inductions are very fast. This hypnosis comedy show is the best around being clean and humorous without being blue. Rod shows contain, mystery, magic and are great entertainment which are guaranteed to stretch your mind and make you laugh.

Rod is one of the UK’s top comedy hypnotists, with over 20 years experience in stage hypnosis. Rod has performed not only in the UK but has also toured around the globe.

Members of the audience are invited to volunteer to be hypnotised, no one is forced to participate in the show. When under hypnotic influence the volunteers are turned into famous stars such as Will Young, Eminem, Madonna, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Freddie Mercury, the Spice Girls, Westlife, Michael Jackson, Britney, Kylie, Pink, Shirley Bassey, Mick Jagger and Robbie Williams. Also see volunteers win the National Lottery; turn into a very naughty class of 7 year old children, and the invisible man to name but a few, and new to the show is Little Britain as the list of stunts is endless. More personalities are added as the act changes continuously.

“Rod stevens was absolutely brilliant! The audience thouroughly enjoyed the show. His speed hypnosis was miraculous, had people in a trance in about one and a half minutes! I couldn’t believe it!
Anyone scared of hiring a hypnotist, don’t be! It’s good clean fun, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen! We’ll definately be doing it again.”
…Andy Webster, Penrith Conservative Club.

” We have booked Rod for the last 10 years, Rod is without doubt the fastest hypnotist We have ever seen. With 1200 freshers in the audience every year at the Tal y Bont campus show.”Brilliant”.”
…. John O’Conor ents. manager Cardiff University.

“…I have been booking Rod for over 20 years his show is the best around. Rod is a true professional and totally reliable, and you are always guaranteed a great nights entertainment”…. Alan Phillips, Phillips Entertainments, Llanelli.