Wine Tasting In Herefordshire

Expert wine tasters discuss various wines from Herefordshire, introducing fascinating new wines and exciting grape varieties.

4 Top Picks for Wine Tasting in Herefordshire

When wine tasting in Herefordshire, you will learn how to slosh, swill, sip and spit like a pro at the loveliest wine tasting experiences offered.

Let’s be honest: the world of wine can seem pretty confusing from a layperson’s perspective. When confronted with all those endless bottles in the supermarket or the bar, it can be tricky to know where to start. Even harder can be pouring over the wine list in a posh fine dining restaurant and convincing the sommelier – or your date – you know what you are talking about. Which is why if you really want to tell your Merlots from your Malbecs and your Rieslings from your Riojas, tasting events are perfect.

With wine tasting experiences in Herefordshire you can broaden your wine knowledge with an evening of wine tasting or an afternoon vineyard tour. Expert wine tasters discuss various wine regions, introducing fascinating new wines and exciting grape varieties. Take the time sampling different premium wines, learning how to correctly taste and understand the subtlety of what makes each wine distinct.

On top of all that learning, wine tasting is a fabulous excuse to socialise with friends, family, partners and even first dates! So, it’s basically a win, win situation! Also, if you’re looking for decent date spots, check out our 23 Best First Date Ideas and get inspired.

If you’re wishing to spend a weekend in Herefordshire whilst wine tasting, then you must take a peek at our 6 camping and caravanning places to sleep under the stars, where you can carry on tasting the grape outside next to the fire whilst glamping or camping.

Check out the our 4 top picks for wine tasting in Herefordshire below and we guarantee that you’ll be dazzling your dinner party guests in no time. Bottoms up!

Sixteen Ridges Vineyard

All of Sixteen Ridges wines are produced at their winery in the historic town of Ledbury. They operate a well organised farm and winery, but lift the lid off of the winery, and discover their strive to challenge convention; an approach which is at the core of the entrepreneurial owner Angus, and the award winning winemaker Simon.

They are constantly challenging themselves to entice their customers to try something new.
Visit them and enjoy browsing their selection and learning more about their exciting range.

Coddington Vineyard

Coddington Vineyard in the quaint and beautiful Ledbury, Herefordshire, grow three grape varieties and produce single variety wines from them, including an award winning and very popular Bacchus.

On a south facing slope, the mature vines absorb the warmth of the sunshine late into the autumn. This allows the grapes to ripen slowly, important in the production of delicate, floral, aromatic English wines.

You can combine a stroll through the vines, wine tasting and a visit to their shop or arrange a Garden and Vineyard Tour during the summer months.

Castle Brook Vineyard

Castle Brook Vineyard is run by the Chinn family in Ross On Wye, who are best known for producing Wye Valley Asparagus at Cobrey Farms in Herefordshire.

Their Castle Brook Classic Cuvee is a traditionally styled Brut, which has been made with Champagne grapes to produce the highest quality English sparkling wine.

Lying on a steep south-facing slope, in the rain shadow of the Black Mountains, but with plenty of warm westerly air, the area is renowned for its fruit and vegetable production, and has the second largest area of grape vines in the UK.

The Secret Bottle Shop

The Secret Bottle Shop are an independent Wine & Spirits business based in the city town centre of Hereford, Herefordshire. The small expert team have a keen interest in all things Wines, Champagnes and Spirits.

They offer a unique and exclusive range of products; a world-wide wine selection from your everyday drinking wines, to the more elite fine wines.

Exclusive wine tasting events are organised throughout the year, including the Hereford Wine Festival and Christmas Wine Tasting perfect for everyone!

Learn from Brand ambassadors and their own expert staff and get the chance to sample some truly incredible products!