Enjoy Culinary Feasts At Food & Drink Events & Festivals In Shropshire

Are you a foodie looking for food & drink events in Shropshire. Grab a glass & enjoy wine, beer & spirit tasting events in Shropshire. Discover a fantastic selection of wine, champagne, gin, fizz, rum, whisky, cognac & more.

From glamorous cocktail sessions, beer and brewery tours, and wine tastings, there’s something to please even the most discerning drinker. Shropshire has a long association with food, which is why there are so many events for you to taste Shropshire.

Join us in the culinary delights, flavours, aromas, and the joy of shared experiences. These food and drink festivals are a celebration of the diverse and delicious world of gastronomy that can be found throughtout Shropshire.