Summer open day is here at Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries

Come and join in the fun at Goodheart Animal Sanctuary at their annual Summer Open Day on Sunday the 8th of August, 10am – 3pm in Kidderminster, Worcestershire!

The team are proud to say that they have over 300 animals (alpacas, sheep, turkeys, horses – you name it!) now safe at Goodheart Farm Animal Sanctuary. They are hosting this Summers Day full of fun to raise money and awareness to help their cause. Below is a little insight into what you can expect from this year’s Summer Open Day!

A great day out, plus a wonderful way to get involved!

Let’s catch you up

The team at Goodheart Animal Sanctuary know that all animals are individual sentient beings, just like humans. They feel pain, have emotions and should be treated with respect. If you knew animals were suffering, you’d want to help them, wouldn’t you?

Their founders were in just such a position. They care deeply about animals and felt so strongly about doing something that they set up a brand new charity, Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries. They have quite literally put their passion into action.

Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries aim to give sanctuary to as many animals as possible. They aim to change the public opinion, to change the perception and treatment of animals.

Never has maintaining mental and physical health been so important and the team at OHH (Oh Hello Happiness) are dedicated to encouraging you to take time for yourself, and cultivate happiness from within. Instructor Han is offering a choice of two workshops which aim to help you do just that, and even better; you’ll be sharing a peaceful space with some of the farms rescued sheep!

Feel free to explore movement through an inclusive yoga practice, meditation, breathwork and mindfulness. Both sessions have themes of sustainability, accountability and compassion to tie in with the ethos of the Goodheart Animal Sanctuary charity.

Forest School Workshop

Learning in an outdoor environment has so many benefits and is a fantastic way to get back to nature and breathe in the intoxicating fresh air of the countryside.

The team invite you to join their Education Manager Kath for a taster Forest School session where ages 5-10 can explore unsupervised on their on-site nature trail.

A super exciting activity where they will get the chance to look at the teams natural environment, discovering art in nature, and increasing their understanding of native wildlife.

Outdoor Cookery Club

The Outdoor Cooking Club was coined with the aim to teach teenagers how to cook in a fun, outdoor environment. Wishing to combine the two worlds of food and education with the overall aim of inspiring young people through having fun, making delicious food and passing on skills that young people can use for life. What an initiative!

These cooking sessions are an hour long where ages 10-16 year olds will be able to test and develop their skills in the teams outdoor kitchen, and cook a delicious plant-based lunch! Nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labour!

Dive Deeper

Learn all about Goodhearts Animal Sanctuary Pig Barn and woodland and even get to meet their special guest – Rufus, the rescued beef cow!

So book in those tickets now and secure your place this summer!

Absorb the teams mission while having a fab day out with family and friends!

Theres more…

Just a few extras to excite you for August the 8th 2021!

  • Scavenger hunts
  • Face painting
  • Tombola
  • Plenty of food, drinks and delicious sweet treats
  • Animal talks
  • Raffles
  • And much more!

What a great idea!

With the number of animals in need of help growing every day, we can all help by adopting one of the residents at Goodhearts Animal Sanctuary.

There are lots of animals to help from Duncan a cheeky yet charming Jersey cow to Biscuit the goose who is part of feathered gang.