July, 2024

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The Darkness

Warwick Castle is thrilled to announce The Darkness will be performing within the stunning Central Courtyard on Thursday 4th July.

Lead singer from The Darkness Justin Hawkins has said, “We, The Darkness, are delighted to announce that we’ll be hitting the road in the U.K. once again next year. We’ll play all of your favourite Darkness songs from our illustrious and tipsy turvy career. It will be the best show you’ll see next year. I should know, I’m the singer and also a YouTube music expert.”

“People of the beautiful British Isles, The Darkness called and you heeded their joyous invitation to gather and celebrate their musical magnificence.

For I believe in a thing called love, you believe in a thing called love, they believe in a thing called love … it turns out that we ALL believe in a thing called love.


4 July 2024 All Day

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Warwick Castle

Warwick, Warwickshire, CV34 6AU, UK

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