Rugby Art Gallery & Museum

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Rugby Art Gallery & Museum

Rugby Art Gallery & Museum invites families, individuals, and children alike to embark on a journey of discovery, creativity, and learning while basking in the rich cultural heritage and promising artistic endeavors that define the region.

Unveiling a captivating heritage narrative that stretches across Roman epochs, the thriving industrial legacy of Rugby, and the inception of the renowned game, our three dynamic gallery spaces continuously present compelling exhibitions. These exhibitions not only showcase contemporary and modern art but also celebrate the talents of local artists and skilled craftspeople.

For students and school groups seeking inspiration and novel challenges, our innovative education program promises a fresh perspective on learning, fostering creativity in engaging and dynamic ways.

Immerse yourself in the Archaeology Gallery, where the Tripontium collection takes center stage as a tribute to the Romano-British town located just five miles from the heart of present-day Rugby. With its Roman market-inspired layout, this interactive space serves as a playground for children, making the learning journey about Roman life both entertaining and educational.

Entrance is free, ensuring that everyone can partake in the enriching experience. There’s always something delightful happening, making each visit a memorable and enjoyable occasion for the entire family.

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