New Exciting Outdoor Dining at The Coconut Tree in Cheltenham

Experience some outdoor dining at the Coconut Tree this Summer. They are gearing up to come to you soon in the form of a saucy little pop-up in St Pauls, Cheltenham. Pop-up on the lawn! The team are so excited to have this opportunity to serve their island inspired food in this lush outdoor dining area, where you can enjoy time with pals in the setting sun.

There is such a wonderful feeling of love and community in this patch that the team cannot wait to welcome you on the 12th of April. Make sure to book!

Outdoor Dining At The Coconut Tree

Get ready to sink some Cocotails this Summer with something for everyone. From premium spirits, pretty awesome sharing party drinks and also low sugar, low alcohol drinks are on offer! Let the party begin in this pop-up beer garden!

The menu is as tasty as it ever was, so you can lap up your favourite dishes and of course, a hopper! What is life without a hopper?!

The Coconut Tree serve some of the best and award winning Sri Lankan Street food in Gloucestershire. PLUS, they are taking the UK by storm with locations in Bournemouth, Bristol, Cardiff, Oxford and their spanking new location coming soon to Bath!

The team really have a winning combination of great Sri Lankan food, spicy Cocotails, warm hospitality and great tunes!

There are plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants that provide diners with the opportunity for some alfresco dining in Gloucestershire.

  • DON’T expect a napkin…it’s a roll of paper towels
  • DO expect an explosion of flavours in our dishes and sweet & fiery Cocotails
  • DO expect candles in half coconuts
  • DON’T expect a massive food bill…but do expect to spoil yourself with drinks
  • DO expect meats, fish & veggies (lots)
  • DO expect warm Sri Lankan hospitality
  • DON’T expect the volume to stay down too long