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Merrimilk was launched in 2021 by the Mason family who have been farming at Merrivale Farm in Little Birch since 1981.

We are all involved in running the Merrimilk ‘Milk Hut’ vending machine and have recently launched a second machine with our friends Legges at their site in Hereford.

We sell a variety of produce ranging from organic milk, milkshakes, homemade cakes, organic vegetables and organic wagyu beef and pride ourselves in providing customers with great quality produce at affordable prices.

When it comes to producing our milk we use our herd of Pedigree Holstein Friesians and it is 100% Organic PWAB fresh whole milk. We batch pasteurise and don’t homogenise it, meaning it has cream that rises to the top. If semi-skimmed is more your thing, just pour the cream off the top and there you have it.

So pop us a visit, both sites are easily accessible from Hereford.

We look forward to welcoming you to Merrimilk!


Fantastic Visit

I visited Merrimilk over the weekend and it was great to see such a variety of delicious produce available straight from the farm and local suppliers.

Ranging from their organic milk, milkshakes, organic veg, cakes, bread, soups and organic Wagyu beef there was so much to choose from and all at a really affordable price.

Would highly recommend a visit!


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