Rock Climbing & Abseiling.

Enjoy Indoor And Outdoor Climbing Adventures In Herefordshire And The Beautiful Wye Valley.

Herefordshire has several challenging rock formations for beginners and the adventurous climbers. The popular Symonds Yat Rock is great for rock climbing and abseiling enthusiasts with spectacular views of the River Wye.

Recent advances in climbing equipment have made rock climbing an extremely safe activity. Professional instructors will fit your harness and helmet and start you on an easy route to gain confidence. You are encouraged to look for handholds and foot placements. You will also be taught the basics of tying-on, belaying and the climbing calls needed to communicate with your climbing partner.

What goes up must come down…… You can’t beat abseiling down a sheer face or gentle slope. As you descend you can marvel at the stunning views. Rock climbing encourages co-operation and mutual support, and you will enjoy a physical, energetic activity, so it’s great exercise too!

For those who have tried climbing and abseiling then why not book up for the Tyrolean Crossing at Life Changing Activities? It is a cross between horizontal abseiling and a slow zip wire over a huge drop. Not only do you have to get everyone across, but you will also be involved in building the Tyrolean Crossing as well. There is nothing more adrenaline pumping than stepping off the edge of a cliff attached to ropes that you have tied yourself.

Why not try a climbing holiday in the Wye Valley, on limestone which offers some excellent steep climbs with positive holds. During this climbing holiday, you will have the opportunity to improve your climbing skills and technique whilst making the most of the breath taking, panoramic views of the Wye Valley. This Wye Valley climbing holiday is an experience you will never forget and will hopefully open the door for you to have many more climbing adventures.

If this is your first climb and have no idea whether you have a head for heights, Inspire 2 Adventure will give you the confidence to have a go at rock climbing and abseiling. For more experienced climbers, there is plenty of opportunity to challenge yourself and develop your climbing skillsSymonds Yat in the Wye Valley is the perfect spot for climbing and when you make it to the top you then come back down. You will descend a cliff using ropes, safely and in a controlled way. There are a range of abseils available, from approximately 30ft – 85ft.

Borderlands Outdoor offers a Wye Valley rock climbing adventure which takes place at stunning Symonds Yat, with amazing viewpoints into Herefordshire and across to the Brecon Beacons. There are over 500 named climbing routes so there is something to challenge every climber from novice to expert! They meet groups at the Symonds Yat Forestry Commission site, which has toilets and a café for lunch breaks. Whether you are an adventurous family enjoying a summer holiday in Herefordshire or groups of friends looking for adventure you will love a rock climbing day. They also offer activity combos where you can combine a couple of their activities for the perfect day out. Popular choices are abseiling and caving which also take place at Symonds Yat.

Whether you want to tackle challenging overhangs, epic abseils or something gentler, Hereford Climbing have you covered! With hundreds of routes of varying difficulty, height and excitement, plus they can tailor the outdoor adventure to suit you.

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