A Rule Of Tum – exciting news!

Firstly – we are all eagerly anticipating the return of The Yard come 12th of April, where you can feel the glorious sun on your face, surrounded by friends, and order a slap up meal from either The Bookshop, Burger Shop or A Rule Of Tum: Dark Kitchen! Get yourselves ready!

Arguably even more exciting news is that A Rule Of Tum is expanding again, so say hello to Maneki Ramen!

A Rule Of Tum Exciting News

A little juicy history..

A Rule Of Tum started their journey from humble beginnings, where the founders began burger Thursdays in the local pub called The Beer in Hand, back in 2014. These nights proved to be a stunning success and it was decided they would expand so able to offer more exciting meals such as roasts, tapas, fish Fridays and pie nights.

AROT also increased their coverage by attending as many food pop-ups, festivals and wedding catering opportunities as possible and it soon became clear that Herefordshire had an enormous appetite for anything AROT served up!

Alas, Burger Shop Hereford launched in November 2014 with queues basically down the high street!

Their focus has always been, and will always be, on using local suppliers and supporting the local community. Their beef is from down the road, their buns from the local baker!

With the ever growing success of The Burger Shop, it was a no brainer to expand when the next doors old bookshop became available. The Bookshop was refurbished and given the AROT treatment, exposing the bricks, using concrete to make a stylish bar and building a massive bookcase to pay homage to the bookshop it once was.

Now it is known for its steak and their unforgettable Sunday Lunch menu, that won that ‘Observer Food: Best Sunday Lunch of the Year’ Award in 2017. Plus it would be criminal not to mention the quality of their artisan coffee.

Pop in for a takeaway cup or enjoy a long morning with friends in their atmospheric restaurant.

Out of a love for food and for celebrating local makers, the first Indie Food Festival was born in 2016. The team turned the space behind the Burger Shop and The Bookshop into an incredible festival of music, street food and culture.

Plus what is even more exciting is that Hereford Indie Food is going ahead this year, set for the 28th and 29th of August 2021! Tickets will be on sale imminently!

In 2017 came the time to expand once more, this time into a different city and after leasing 3 railway arches, an ambitious refurbishment project and training up a new team; Burger Shop Worcester was born.

This new restaurant used the arch space to create a vibrant burger joint in the heart of Worcester and soon grew the following to a whole new audience of burger fans.

The Yard Hereford

The Yard

Two words for you…an urban oasis. The Yard will be opening on 12th of April 2021 – rejoice! Enjoy time with friends and family outside and be spoilt for choice from The Bookshop, Burger Shop and AROT: Dark Kitchen.

Plus obviously plenty of drinks from the outside bar! Make sure to book to secure your table.

A dark kitchen (also called a ghost kitchen) is a common hospitality term, meaning a kitchen without a physical dining space.

They have taken this name and idea and ran with it, building a shipping container kitchen located behind the Burger Shop in Hereford.

The food is British with a take on Indian flavours and you can order food for take away or to enjoy in The Yard.

DIY Burger Kits

During lockdown, the team ingeniously packaged up their kits, using the same high quality ingredients as they use in their restaurants, and offered nation wide burger kits for you to channel your inner chef in the comfort of your home.

Still available to buy and have a cracking night of it!

Diy Burger Kits
Lucky Cat Noodle

Maneki Ramen

AROT is now expanding once more and currently raising £30,000 to facilitate the renovation works of Maneki Ramen and to put the finishing touches on a restaurant you will wish to visit again and again.

Maneki Ramen opened as a pop-up restaurant just over 6 months ago and instantly their 20 seater ramen bar was fully booked daily. With their menu perfected, and the look and feel of the whole concept fine-tuned, the team are ready to upgrade to a full-service restaurant.

Visit Maneki Ramen to get involved.