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Coffee Shops In Herefordshire, Best Places For That Caffeinated Kick

A good coffee shop isn’t just about the drink; we need the right atmosphere, cool baristas and decent snacks too. Herefordshire is brimming with top notch coffee culture. Whether you’re after child friendly or wifi friendly or just somewhere great to go and kick back, one of these creative caffeinated community coffee shops in Herefordshire will surely float your coffee boat – they are the best tearooms in your county. Unwind in our farmhouse coffee shops at National Trust properties with a large range of coffees, teas, sandwiches, paninis, all day breakfast, brunch, lunch, Sunday lunch, hot meals, cakes, scones and ice creams. The gardens in Herefordshire are the perfect spot for a stroll, and you can even buy a takeaway cuppa along the way. A staggering 70 million cups of coffee are consumed in the UK every day and counties across England practically run on the stuff. Whether it’s bolted down by bleary-eyed commuters or sipped and savoured at leisure, it’s the lifeblood that keeps us alert and ready to face the day. When it comes to finding great coffee, Herefordshire has far more to offer than ubiquitous high street chains too. As discerning drinkers will tell you, there are dozens of delightful boutique coffee shops to discover around the county, each one with their own quirks and characteristics.
Grab a beverage at a top rated cafe, tearoom or coffee shop in one of the the Herefordshire towns of HerefordLedburyLeominsterRoss On WyeBromyardKingtonHay On Wye & The Golden Valley.