Walking In Herefordshire

Some of our favourite walks and woods around Herefordshire.

Walking In Herefordshire

Walking in Herefordshire woods is the easiest way to enjoy the outdoors, get closer to nature and leave behind the hustle and bustle of modern everyday life. From wide, grassy tracks to unexplored pathways and leafy tunnels, woods are places where we can relax, unwind and have some fun outdoors.

Walking in Herefordshire is a great form of exercise, it helps to keep you fit and healthy and is a really easy way to start being more active. Woods are truly magical playgrounds where children can have exciting adventures.

Put a spring in your step. From the melody of birdsong to brilliantly coloured bluebells, spring is the season when nature comes alive. Enjoy country walks in woodlands carpeted with wild flowers. As the days get longer, climb up high for dramatic views or enjoy river walks and peaceful woodlands.

As spring moves to summer, and daytime temperature highs increase, tree growth slows. You can enjoy the colourful blooms of summer and see birds and butterflies on the wing. Take in the views as you explore some of the best places for our favourite summer walks.

With summer fading into autumn, lift your spirits with these dramatic wonderful colours; yellow, red and orange. Enjoy the unique conditions that this season can offer, as entire woodlands change the colour of their leaves. With destinations often quieter after the summer, autumn at its best can offer superb walking conditions: crisp weather, gorgeous scenery and tranquillity.

Feeling the chill? Take a winter stroll and inhale sweet smelling winter flowers, frost covered leaves and many different barks showing off their rich textures and colours. Beyond the winter walks, slip into the gentle giant evergreens; or wander along the grass paths where skeleton trees are silhouetted against the sky.

Queenswood - Walking In Herefordshire Woods

Queenswood Country Park & Arboretum, Leominster

Queenswood is the only designated country park in the county. It includes an arboretum (a 47 acre tree collection with over 1,200 rare and exotic trees from all over the world) and 123 acres of semi-natural ancient woodland which is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Local Nature Reserve (LNR).

Queenswood Country Park features an extensive and exciting range of attractions that are interesting, fun and healthy for people of all ages. There are different way-marked walks around the arboretum and wider woodland ranging from 1 mile to 2.5 miles and these include easy-access paths.

Their Gruffalo Trail, feature five larger-than-life Gruffalo characters, and is perfect for ages 2 to 6 years old but great fun for all the family! There is a woodland playground, ideal for children aged 2 to 10 years, and they run children’s holiday clubs and activity sessions during the school holidays, offering great things to do in half-term.

Nupend Wood

Nupend Wood, Fownhope

Nupend Wood is the perfect wood and hangs either side of a limestone spine. Parts of the wood were once quarried, giving the ground a sometimes mesmerising, convulsed aspect.

Mostly lovely ancient woodland, principally of ash and oak. Whilst following the walking route your eyes will keep catching the giant yews on the ridge, left stranded from pagan time.

Haugh Woods Mordiford - Walking In Herefordshire Woods

Haugh Wood, Mordiford

Haugh Woods trails are mainly made up of hard forest tracks, with gentle slopes, which make easy going for all including pushchairs. Haugh Woods is a wonderful place to visit with the kids, especially on a sunny day when you can bring a picnic to enjoy as you look out for species such as the Wood White, Speckled White, and various types of butterflies. The woodland is close to Broadmoor Common Nature Reserve, which is another good spot for butterflies, plus it has some unusual birds.

Credenhill Park Woods

Credenhill Park Wood, Credenhill

Credenhill Park Woods was once the site of a busy Iron Age tribal capital, and has also been a Roman army depot and a medieval deer park.

Today, the wood is a peaceful place for a walk, with lots of walking trails to enjoy and terrific views to let all that history capture your imagination.

National Trust Herefordshire

The National Trust

The National Trust for Herefordshire has some great walks and trails for you to try. From short strolls by pools to rambles through woodland.

Berrington Hall, Leominster
Enjoy a day exploring Berrington Hall, the parkland and lakeside walk.

Brockhampton Estate, Bromyard
Brockhampton Estate offers a wildlife walk with ancient trees.

Croft Castle & Parlkand, Hereford
Try one of these invigorating walks around Croft Castle and Parkland: Fishpool Dingle Walk, Croft Ambrey Walk, Ancient Tree Walk & Pokehouse Wood Walk.

There’s something for everyone.

Forest Bathing - Walking In Herefordshire Woods

Forest Bathing

Forest bathing or ‘shinrin-yoku’ was first developed in Japan in the 1980s, following scientific studies conducted by the government. The results showed that two hours of mindful exploration in a forest could reduce blood pressure, lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels and improve concentration and memory.

Forest bathing is no more complicated than simply going for a wander in your local woods or park.

It’s a simple method of being calm and quiet amongst the trees, observing nature around you whilst breathing deeply can help both adults and children de-stress and boost health and wellbeing in a natural way.

Perfect Places To Picnic In Herefordshire

With loads to explore and peaceful spots to enjoy, woods are perfect for family picnics too, see a few of our favourite perfect places to picnic in Herefordshire for an alfresco feast. Whilst walking in Herefordshire woods and countryside you will see the landscape transforms every season, take time to admire and photograph the beauty of the natural landscape.

Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning has the potential to teach children about biology, geography and other national curriculum topics, in fact, learning outdoors provides an opportunity to teach so much more than the national curriculum. When learning outdoors, children interact differently than when in the structured and rule-based classroom. They are free to move, to make more noise and to behave differently. The outdoor environment challenges children in different ways, so that those who do well in the classroom are not always the same as those who thrive outdoors. Personal, social and emotional development are seen as being at least as important, if not more so, than the national curriculum.

Being outdoors is a win! win!

Walking & Running Events Near You

Finding walking & running events has never been easier. Our event listings have something for everyone – from beginner to seasoned vet covering all distances from family fun walks and runs to marathons.

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