Enjoy Wonderful Garden Tours In Hereford

There are many wonderful garden tours  in Hereford, each with their own unique design and offering excellent opportunities to indulge in buying plants.

We are lucky to have so many gardens in Hereford, discover and enjoy beautiful countryside grounds, including picnic sites, nature reserves, country parks, historical National Trust sites, common land, riverside meadows, and woodland walks. Best of all, these gardens near Hereford are tended by fellow gardeners who share your horticultural passions. We’ve discovered on our weekend garden tours that people who love gardens, are generous with their time, enthusiasm, and knowledge.

Why not visit Laskett Gardens in the south which is a creation of Sir Roy Strong. There is no right or wrong way to explore the many gardens at Laskett, each visitor receives a beautifully illustrated plan of the gardens, and they also supply an easy-to-use audio guide. Kentchurch Court offers a stunning selection of plants and if you book in advance, you can tour the house.

Charming Victorian Building

Welcome all nature lovers, gardeners, artists, photographers & those who would just like to sit & picnic in beautiful surroundings......

Romantic English Garden & Cafe

Rare 17th century octagonal dovecot, physic garden, yew labyrinth, woodland, ponds, herb & kitchen gardens......

Spectacular Riverside Garden

Bordered by the River Wye, Pleasure ground for fishing, boating & swimming. Varied habitat for wildlife......